" To be honest, I used to hate going to the gym and was always glad when there were good or at least plausible reasons for not doing so. With Sea Point Pilates it was the other way round. If I missed a session I felt distraught, as though the balance of my life was not quite right. I guess the idea of rhythmically stretching my muscles rather than frantically pounding away at them made a difference. But it was more than that. The gracious, friendly and humane ambience and personal relationship with the trainer was something to look forward to. I liked the clientele. We were all ages, all sizes and shapes, yet all seemed equally welcome and at home. And subtle but progressive  changes in my regimen over the years meant that I never felt I was becoming an automaton. Right now I have the supreme luxury of a personal trainer who comes to my home at an hour convenient for the family. But if anything should  happen to prevent these visits, I have the reassurance that Sea Point Pilates is waiting to receive me once again into its physically entrancing embrace."
Albie Sachs

" I have osteoarthritis in my hip, osteoporosis and scoliosis. Pilates has helped greatly to increase my bone density substantially and my physician recommended that I continue with it. Since doing Pilates I have more mobility in my hip and the scoliosis (which distorted my body) is barely noticeable. Pilates has improved the quality of my life. I have the utmost respect for Antoinette – she is professional, attentive and an excellent Pilates instructor"
Linda Yesorsky

"Antoinette is a very patient, professional, and friendly instructor. She helped mobilize my spine and strengthen my muscles to help me recover from my back injury. She tailors her sessions to how your body is feeling and always listens to feedback to adjust the exercises accordingly. Antoinette is a great instructor, making the session enjoyable and providing explanations that help you understand the steps. I wholly recommend her!"
Megan Naidoo, Graduate Student Columbia University, New York

"To all the Ladies and Gentlemen out there My name is Rosetta Major and this is my true story.  I started Pilates at the Sea Point Pilates studio 3 years ago because of health problems.  I was medically boarded from my work 4,5 years ago.  I suffer from Angina heart, panic and anxiety attacks, chronic back pain, chronic migraine and fibromyalgia.  I was in and out ICU for the last 6 years but since than I am doing Pilates and my health and my mind is much better.  I sleep better as the Pilates is so good which I do twice a week.  After every class I feel absolutely fabulous, no pain and also it ease the fibromyalgia also my mind is clearer after each and every class.  Pilates is an absolute pain reliever and a calmer.  For 2 hours a week I take me time, quality time away from all the stress, hustle and buzzle.  So ladies/gents get out there and go see Antoinette Kavanagh for good advice and feel and look better!!!!  "
Rosetta Major

"It was Joseph Pilates one of the world's if not the greatest exercise genius of our times – who created  Contrology today known simply as Pilates.
Hats off the Sea Point Pilates and their devoted group of trainers. Special thanks to my trainer Natalie Roberts who has made such a difference to my life.
Improving my fitness and strength levels dramatically.
Thank you so much"

Robert Bellon

Thank you Antoinette for the care and attention you give me during my pilates lessons! My life would not be the same without my 2 x a week pilates class.

I hate missing a lesson as I can immediately feel my body getting stiff. The variety of exercises that can be done on the equipment always amazes me!
I am so lucky to have The Sea Point Pilates Studio on my doorstep!
Margie Hidden

I have been going to Antoinette for many years as she is an excellent  instructor with a sound knowledge of Pilates.
She has a great personality and is kind and caring, patient and always cheerful. All of these attributes contribute to a most enjoyable and therapeutic Pilates experience
and I thoroughly recommend her private sessions.

Barry Downing

It was my intention to write to you this weekend. I wanted to let you know that I enjoy every session with each and every instructor whom I've worked with. They're all amazing and each one, with their unique niche, brings so much motivation, encouragement, care, thoughtfulness and knowledge to all their sessions. I love my pilates at Sea Point Pilates and I love the space. I appreciate that it is down-to-earth, welcoming, warm, small and very professional. Congratulations for creating an amazing pilates space.


I started Pilates with Antoinette Kavanagh in Oct 2012 upon recommendation of a neurologist to manage severe back pain and fibromyalgia. Antoinette inspired me to undertake the journey to good health by encouraging me to read about health and wellness to understand the causes of my ailments, and helping me to focus on my body.

Whilst gently manipulating my muscles and mobilising my spine, she quietly supported my sessions with an integrative medical practitioner and integrated these findings into my Pilates sessions. Antoinette’s practice is holistic, assessing carefully what the client needs, based on medical/health scans, developing a customised program and assisting the client to experience the health benefits of Pilates towards ultimate healing.

 Antoinette has the incredible ability to listen to the body, intuitively tailor the exercise to its state of health and coax us into reaching new heights. By strengthening my core muscle system and supporting my journey to wellness, Antoinette inspired me with hope.

 Antoinette is incredibly gentle and patient, quietly encouraging clients with empathy to find their best levels and then exceed it. She brings the best out of us even on an
off day. My Pilates sessions have thus become a refuge of holistic healing and well-being. While building body strength, I learnt about nutrition and healing, and
harnessing the power of the mind and spirit to heal the body. Pilates has thus improved my overall health and wellbeing.

Sea Point Pilates offers a range of Pilates’ techniques and instructors, but Antoinette’s holistic and mindful practice is present throughout her studio, creating a warm yet professional atmosphere.

Dr Yvonne Muthein

I started Pilates to get rid of back pain and strengthen my core. I never thought in a million years that I would actually enjoy doing exercise so much. I have been doing Pilates with Antoinette for about 7 years now.  I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level to take me to
and I always feel that I have achieved something. She is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the qualities that she brings to every session make Pilates a
joy to do. At the end of my sessions I feel like my joints have been oiled and i am ready to spring into action.